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I am new to having herpes! My story yo!

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Hi all,

I was told I had herpes HSV 2 about 1 month ago. Like all of you I could not believe it... I had just got out of a 4 year relationship on good terms. My ex partner then got a full STI test, and came back positive for HSV1 and HSV2. Although she never had any outbreaks when I was with her, as we all know you can carry the virus for years and never have an outbreak. I got tested and discovered I indeed have HSV 2. Who's to say that I didn't give it to her? You just don't know, and there is really no point in stressing about who gave it to who. It's done.. you have it, and it's now time to deal with it.


Being recently single and 24 then being told you have HSV2 sucks yes... BUT! All of you have to realise is that this really isn't a big deal. I am so lucky that I am mature enough now and that I know this truly is not a big deal. Yes it is a nuisance and can be "embarrassing". But lets ask the guy who is paralysed from the neck down if getting his ass wiped by a nurse or having herpes is embarrassing? Let's ask the person who at 26 has ALS and has been giving 3-5 years to live, during that time loosing all movement of his body and ability to speak if herpes is a big deal?


Do you have cancer? No. Do you have ALS? No. Do you have MS? No. Do you have Muscular Dystrophy? No. Do you have a brain injury? No. Are you paralysed? No. Do you have AIDS? No. Are you blind? No.


You can clearly see where I am getting at. Life goes on, you can walk to the shop, you can see this computer screen.. life is beautiful.. be grateful, because one day you might be posting on another forum trying to come to grips with having a terminal illness or a disease that actually causes significant damage to your body.


I had my first small outbreak not long ago.. a tiny red bump on my D... My skin also tingled on my stomach and lower back. I am on anti viral medication now, and will be taking Vitamin C and Lysine from now on. No biggie.


I am about to disclose to a girl I am seeing very soon, and I am not worried about it at all. I have all the facts in my head ready to go (thanks to this wonderful site).. and seriously guys.. you can just tell off the bat if a girl would be accepting or not. If she seriously thinks herpes in a deal breaker... then holy f'n shit... do you think she will hang around once you get diagnosed with something actually serious?.. Hell no.. She will be the first to bail on yo ass once something serious has actually come up. Straight off the bat she is not the right one for you.


As this website states.. make this your opportunity to educate people on this matter. I never new a thing about da herrrrpez until I got it. It makes me laugh that it has a social stigma.. seriously people are silly.


Use this website to educate yourself, and others. Life is beautiful, be grateful for everything around you.. and do not let this skin condition consume your thoughts ;) If all I get in life is herpes... I will be a very happy man indeed.



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this is where i am now with my diagnosis. it took me about 6mons to get there, but thankfully i finally found my way to a positive outlook. i wish i couldve been like you from day 1 (kudos to you for being super mature and positive about ur diagnosis!!)


it takes time for some of us, but hopefully everybody who is diagnosed with HSV1 or HSV2 can find him/herself at this point one day bc let me tell ya, it feels alot better being this way than feeling sad and hopeless (like most of us feel when we're 1st diagnosed, i was one of them)


just letting others kno that it's possible to be happy and live with HSV..soo, if ur having a hard time with ur diagnosis, look at James here who is totally positive about his life and outcome and hear my words that I was sad and depressed and 1 yr later i'm happy and living a normal life now :) we have to continue to let each other kno that HSV is not the end of our story!! <3

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