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Bad thoughts. Tired of this.

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So my outbreak ended about two weeks ago . There looks like there is a bit of scar tissue left where the sore was (just basically a clear slightly raised bump ) n it still stings / tingles and feels uncomfortable when I sit stand or walk a certain way. I'm on valtrex suppressive therapy . I'm tired of this. I feel like I just healed from the last ob n now the cycle started all over again. I'm literally sick over this. I'm not looking for sympathy or even an answer because I don't feel like what anyone says will help me . Some days I literally just don't want to live anymore bc I don't want to go through the rest of my life dealing with this bullshit. I don't get why it takes so long to actually stop bothering me after an outbreak . After this script of valtrex im switching over to acyclovir ... I know they are basically the same but I guess it can't hurt. I can't afford the valtrex anymore anyway bc I quit my job and no longer have insurance. This disease made my job really hard and it sucks that I feel like I had to quit to reduce stress bc I don't want more outbreaks. .life is fucking stress how do you avoid it ???? You don't . I feel like a failure and feel like this has taken over my life . Today was my last day for coffee. I sometimes wish that I wasn't here anymore . It sucks when your walking around n have a constant pain that reminds you that you have herpes on the daily. I'm just sick of this . I try very hard to be positive , pray , be calm etc. just very low today . Going on an interview . But sometimes I wonder wtf is the point ? What job isn't stressful? Feel like I have to walk on eggshells eith life. Wanted to go to gym today . Scared to aggravate the area that already feels like it hasn't fully healed . Has anyone had this problem where it feels like forever to just cease stinging / throbbing / tingling at times ? Any remedies at all? I try to keep area dry , don't shave in the area etc... I'm at a loss . Very tired of this life .

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It definately takes it's toll on our emotions! When I've had an out break it hurts/stings. I've found witch hazel to help ALOT! Or even tucks wipes it the generic kind. Every couple hours I soak a piece of gauze with witch hazel & leave it on the area for awhile. 20 minutes sometimes longer. It helps the ache & seems to dry the outbreak up faster.

I've been using a hand held High Frequency also. You can find them on eBay. It's a glass piece that runs a current through the modality. I set it on low & go over the area several times a day. It calms the pain down & heals the are faster. It's seemed to have helped me. Hope that might help :-)

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I suggest it will get better. I struggle with depression prior to getting herpes years ago. I needed to get onto an antidepressant, at times wish I hadnt. It seems like keeping fit is a great remedy for both. If feeling suicidal get help immediately. Keep posting your thoughts as it's helpful as well

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Ugh !!! Glad to have a buddy! I have had it almost 4 years now !!!!!! It's only been in this past year that I've experienced the lingering . When I first found out I had hsv2 I was put on acyclovir ...800mg twice a day. Then about 2 years ago I switched to valtrex when I got insurance . Starting to wonder if it's the valtrex ? Never had this problem with the acyclovir ... But that doesn't make sense to me bc they are both essentially the same mess just hit the blood stream different from what I've heard.../ been to a few different Drs no one really had an answer . My primary put me on samples of neurontin for nerve pain but then people on this forum told me that's a big drug for a little problem. But come to think of it it isn't really a little problem it messes with my life !!!! I stopped the neurontin. .. Come to think of it the discomfort wasn't as bad last week on the neurontin. But I'm still undecided and just hoping it will subside . The thing that boggles my mind the most is that my obs should be getting better instead of worse !

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Each body responds differently.... valtrex has been a game changer for me. At first I wasn't sure. The first "episode" I treated, the drug made me feel sick and "off". But when I went on 500mg daily it was fine. I don't like to take meds at all but I will say, it was the best choice for me after many years of regular outbreaks. You have to figure out what works for you but try all formulas and options before you reserve judgement!!!

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I have the nerve pain also do you have 1 or 2 type.I have type 1 in genitals if this feeling does not go away I feel I will never get my life back on track.im told it settles down after 6 months or so the way I feel has not changed one bit.my hole area is messed up with super sore back? Everyone saying it gets better? I'm at a loss everyday





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Getbetter I am starting to think I've contracted hsv1 in my genitals in the past 6mths from my bf as he gets cold sores on his mouth . He has never given me oral during an outbreak but he could have been shedding the virus. That's the only thing I can think of . I got the hsv2 about 4 years ago . But come to think of it this all started in the past 6mths since I've been seeing my bf .

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So what so you do to treat the OB? Besides antivirals? Because one thing I have found is that the faster you knock the SOB back (with something that kills and/or dries up the virus) the faster everything else settles down. I haven't seen/don't remember one post where you have discussed anything besides antivirals that you have tried to use to combat the virus. Have you tried L-Lysine? Vitamin C? Some others may chime in on other supplements that have helped them, and I'll re-post the treatments links that many have contributed to.


Also, how long have you had the job that you are quitting? You said in one post that it's been in the last year that you have had the lingering ... then that it's been 6 months since you were with the new BF. Which is it? Sounds like you need to look very carefully at what changed right before your started having these symptoms.


As for stress... as @MMissouri said ... stress isn't the issue ... it's how YOU deal with it that matters. You are right ... shit happens... all the time. You can then believe that your life is over because of what happened/is happening, or you look at yourself and work on how you can use the experience to come out stronger than before. And stressful jobs? No, not all jobs are stressful ... at least, not stressful to a point of being unhealthy for you. NO JOB is worth it if it's negatively impacting your health. Perhaps you need a change of profession???






Going to be adding this info on DMSO to the above link soon:


DMSO: Seems to really help with the soreness and redness/inflammation. be careful with DMSO, it actually will carry ANY other chemical you have on your skin deeper into the tissue. think of it like a carrier oil with essential oils. wash your hands/use a q tip. this also makes it effective to use with another topical like tea tree oil. apply DMSO, wait 15, then dab on the TTO. it will absorb a ton more than normal.







Links to some of the items suggested in the links

http://tinyurl.com/pmosahc Link to Alum






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Dancer, I don't just use anti virals, I also take zinc, multi vitamin, vitamin C , probiotics, red marine algae and just stopped coffee. I also try to meditate ..Today I used a PREPARATION H wipe which has witch hazel and held it on the sore for a bit... when i removed it I saw that there was a yellowish liquid (the virus I assume) on the wipe. I basically held it on and then changed to a clean part of the wipe until there wasn't anymore virus left on the wipe. Hoping most of it drained out... then I covered a q tip with medicated gold bond baby powder and placed it on the sore. The powder contains zinc oxide , cornstarch and kaolin... all which are said to promote healing. N if I said the past year I was just estimating... it has been in the past 6 -9 mths... wondering if it just has to do with having more sex or maybe sex + job. Got a new job yesterday in a different field. Hoping it is the right change for me. Start training march 2nd.

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Ok - well, I strongly suggest that you try some of the other external ideas that we have in those links ... the witch hazel is very useful for some ... not too sure about the Gold Bond (let me know if it works for you!) but I find that the Alum kills my OB's within 24 hrs. Many swear by Tea Tree (make sure to cut it with something like Coconut oil, which is also anti-viral!), coconut oil alone, and Hydrogen Peroxide.


And have you tried L-lysine? Zinc is good, but the Lysine is often out of balance in some people and that has been very useful for some.


Sex does trigger for some ... but usually mostly in the first year. Hope the new job is a better space for you. Jobs can be really bad for your health ... I don't understand why anyone stays in a job that doesn't bring them joy and a feeling of fulfillment that outweighs any stress that comes with it :/

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I completely understand...I too have had to deal with the stress of having herpes. All of us have to deal with the stress of having herpes. People who don't have this condition generally don't understand and attempt to give their best advice, but are not aware of the emotional impact it has on us who have it. Especially with work, it's not like it's something you can just bring up or say your having a shitty day because of an outbreak. It sounds to me like you are just having an extremely hard time coping with this and need someone to talk to you regularly just about this or whatever it is going on. Feel free to message me or talk to me or if your not comfortable honestly, just go out and try to do something for yourself. I took time to reevaluate my situation and honestly, to just recognize where I went wrong and how I could fix the problem I was having within myself. Let me just put this plain and simple, you are here, you are alive, and this is what you have. You cannot get any lower, so might as well go up. I'm sure you are having a low point in your life, but we are all here for you.

home remedy might sound disgusting but works:

it's this anti-fungal foot creme they sell it otc at any local grocery store or pharmacy it is high in Z just rub on the area that tingles or itches or just try any Z creme, perhaps diaper rash creme...dude just try it, it worked for me and other people I know who have H2.

I hope you feel better and feel free to msg me anytime you want to talk

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Thnx @golddust086 That's exactly it.... it's not like it's something you can just bring up to certain people or say your having a shitty week or need to rest b/c you're having a herpes ob. I can't even tell my mom I am so tired and sick bc I am having another ob bc then she will worry... she don't get it. She knows I have it but she also knows I just had an ob a week and a half ago. She's just an annoying worrier n will add to my stress. Well at least its an ob and not tingling for no reason lol that's the only comfort I have in this!!!! I am going to go to the vitamin shoppe and grab some grapefruit seed extract and oil of oregano to add to my supps... any other suggestions are welcome.

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