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H Buddies, unite!

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Hey, I am totally new to this site but would love to have an H Buddy. Male or female, just someone to chat with. I got the official diagnosis this past December but have suspected for many years (read: in denial). I think I got it from someone who told me he had it. Didn't really know what I was getting in to but it is what it is. Herpes has felt like the worst thing ever and has also been a huge blessing. I have met some amazing people as a result. I am 47 years old, divorced and my son is all grown up. Age is not an issue, just someone to connect with. I have HSV2.

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Hi! I just found this site last night - great idea. I have lived with herps for 26 years after getting it from my first intimate relationship at 19. I have two children and have been married twice - and to my knowledge have not passed this on. I have been through the emotional roller coaster of dealing with this and still ride it occasionally. I have always been one to disclose and know the stress, pain, and benefit of that. It has become a bit more aggressive over the last three years and am now battling to suppress with meds. Being in a relationship, I can't say that I don't stress over every twitch, tingle, etc. If anyone else has had it change aggressively after many years, I would sure love to know how you cope and regain control. :)

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Hey, I'm 23, female, and just found out at the beginning of September that I have HSV 1. I'm getting better at coping with it.. but I'm super new to this as well. However, I wouldn't mind a buddy to get, give, or receive, advice and support. <3 Also, I'm in the GTA.

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I want to reach out to some of you but how to choose if you only know the city and not much else about the person? So I thought maybe I'd tell you about myself and if I sound like someone you would like, please email me! My name is Shannon. I'm in Los Angeles. I'm 39 and single, no kids. I've been involved in the alternative/goth/club scene for 20 years but that's not all I'm about. But it does play a factor with the H because going to clubs centers around being sexy and I've had a hard time feeling sexy because of this condition. I'm an avid reader, especially "kids books" like Harry Potter. But also love the True Blood books and many others. I'm a bit of a nerd in my tastes in movies and shows. I dress in a lot of vintage clothing and love to buy antiques for my home. I love Halloween, collecting Barbies, Disneyland, my Doggie, sushi, dancing and I have a very twisted sense of humor, almost nothing offends me. (I Just saw Book of Mormon and found it very funny and actually made me respect Mormons even more rather than make fun of them). I'm a loyal and honest friend. And I'm very social and open. My life is pretty good compared to so many others... I go out a lot, have a great job, freedom, etc but no love and now have H from an "interesting situation". So...If any of you find my description of me intriguing, email me please! I'd like to make some real friends. [email protected] or on this site.

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Im new to this and made this account because i want to give support and get support.im only 14 but i had it almost all my life.yea i know you guys probably think that im not a good person but i didnt choose to get it.nobody ever told me.i dont care if your a male or female i just want to finally talk to someone who has what i have.thanks:)

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Hey Cesar and welcome. So which strain do you have? I'm imagining oral HSV-1?


And do you see what you did there? You are already making up that we think you're not a good person. See how unfair that is to assume that we'd think that about you? Why do you think we already see you that way? It intrigues me to find out how you see your world.


REQUEST: Can you post your story on the main discussion boards so we can all jump in here and support you with this? We might be able to help you see that more people might actually be waiting to love you than to judge you. I'd like to support you in that.

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Hi Caesar...Yes I think you are very brave for posting here and I am glad you did. I want to hear your story too and forget everything about not being a good person...we all have it too! It's a great group of people and we all help each other with dealing with Herpes.


Big hug and you totally have my support. :-)

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Hello all. I was diagnosed about a week ago and found this awesome site today. I am a 25 year old female. I will be moving to Atlanta next week, so I would love to get hooked up with a male in that area because I think it might be cool to get tea some time. I kinda want to get a guy's perspective right now. I am totally open to chat over the phone anytime... like now! Hahaha. Just to help take some of the edge off during a stressful time.


I really think I could use the support right now, while I do not feel comfortable talking to anyone I know about it. I think I just really need to hear a success story and how you got there. Success in my eyes right now being living a fairly normal life with an active dating life or long term relationship/partnership. Hope to speak to someone soon!

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Hey all. I was just diagnosed this week with HSV 2 and I am just a bag full of emotions right now. After talking to a really nice nurse and finding this site I am relieved to know I am not alone. I am 26 and live in Michigan. The biggest thing that is troubling me thus far is the fact that the man I received this from is basically saying that his doctor says there is no way he has herpes and can't be where I got it from. I have not had unprotected sex besides with him for over a year and that was with my ex of 4 and 1/2 years. Not only did I get HSV 2 I also had a vaginal infection and Trich from this man. I know if his blood work comes negative he's going to blame me or not talk to me and I've come to terms that if that's so then he doesn't deserve me. Taking in this whole diagnosis is just hard and I am scared for many reasons but mainly of how to learn to trust again and move on with my life with HSV 2. I know I can talk to my mom or my best friend but I feel that someone with the same diagnosis would be of a great benefit for me right now. Really looking for some support. Thanks.

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Hi everyone. It's been like three weeks now since my first outbreak. I didn't know I had it and thought it was something else. The doctor looked at it and was like yup that's herpes...swabbed it and it was sooo painful. I was in disbelief. Waited for results and it was positive for HSV. I took a blood test Monday and just waiting on those results..I'm taking valtrex once a day and things have cleared up...but during my shower I felt irritation and the I tried to just pee and burned:(. I've already taken my two 500 mg for the day, but after that feeling and the redness I saw, I popped another one. I don't know if it's the prodrome I've read about,but I'm just scared of going through what I went through a few weeks ago. The only one who knows is the guy I believe gave it to me.... It would be great to have an hbuddy to talk/email. I'm kinda stressed at the moment so I'm just hoping an ob isn't surfacing....I was really banking on the valtrex to work since I wanted to take it everyday. Thanks

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Hey Jess and Dshell, a huge hug for both of you. Yeah its hard at the beginning and scary. If either of you want to vent or need any questions answered just message me. It does get better and your body will get on top of H, it just takes a bit of time.


You aren't alone and our little community is full of awesome people, we have all gone through this too. Trust your power to heal...nurture yourselves and know that it gets better :-)

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Hey Jesse 330

Your story is very similar to mine! I just found out in August that I have herpes as well. I'm going through a lot of mixed emotions and in the beginning I was going through such denial thinking that the test were wrong there is no way. But if you need a buddy we can support each other through this. I am going through life day by day and yes there are times I forget I have this and there are days I Cant stop thinking about it. But things could be worse.


Let me know! :)

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Hey I'm John and I talked with Adrial couple of weeks ago about the talk. Thanks buddy. I have been going slow with this woman and now it will the 4th date. Now is the point I will have say something because I'm afraid if don't do it it will hurt to much to get the rejection. Just hoping I've got the guts to do this. Live in Rancho Cucamonga 59 next month never thought I'd be out dating again. I've had it for 38 years and was never an issue while being married. Just wanted to post to hi.

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Hey my name is Angus im 23 years old and found out i have hsv2 a couple months ago and am really kinda been down about the whole thing and am looking for someone i can talk to or meet up sometime, I live in the seattle area and would like a herpes buddy lol it sounds funny when u put it like that, but anyways it can be female or male doesnt matter and look forward to gettin in touch. And u dont gotta be from seattle i just prefer to be able to meet up sometime in the future. but if your from anywhere else i would greatly appreciate the support.

Hope everyone is havin a good day

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So glad everyone is taking time to give a herpes buddy shout out! We are glad you are here.


If you haven't posted your story in that section of the discussion boards, please do. Your story will help so many others just by being there.


Irishdog, your post here tugged at my heart. I hope your talk went well. I am 42, single after 19 years of marriage and I got the gift from my first love who pursued me after he found out I was single again. It has been hard enough imagining dating and now this...but I believe it has the potential to make those intimate connections we crave deeper. I have to believe that for me, and I am believing it for you too.


Take care everyone. :)

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Hey everyone! My name is Joey and was diagnosed a month ago. I am 23 and from south Florida. It would be nice to have a h buddy in the area. I haven't met anyone yet with the "h", so it would be nice to just talk. Don't have a preference either. Hope you all have a good day.

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I'm sending healing and love Sayyywhattt:-)...I'm at home too feeling sorry for myself tonight - for no other reason that I am on my own. But I am not having an episode. They can make you feel so awful, and you just want to be looked after. I had constant episodes for the first 5 months (like one long permanent one!) and being on my own was hard...only I didn't have conflict around me like you are experiencing. Stress can set off episodes and I am glad you are looking at finding somewhere new to live .


Just keep imagining you have found a lovely new place and tuck yourself up in bed if you can to rest. Lay on your back and put one hand on your heart and the other on your solar plexus...focus on slow deep breathing and imagine you are breathing in healing and breathing out discomfort...its a powerful thing to do and will help you feel calmer. And know that someone from the other side of the world is sending you healing too. You aren't alone. x


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Lelani is right. Just give yourself a lot of nurturing.


Can you get some Epsom Salts? Warm Epsom salts bath are very soothing and will also dry up your blisters. They are also VERY inexpensive. L-lysine is an amino acid supplement that for some is helpful in shortening the intensity and duration of your outbreaks and my physician recommended using it during an outbreak, in addition to my antivirals.


That's very medical advice there, and I'm not a doctor, but those things have worked for me in addition to speaking kind, healing words to my body and expressing gratitude for the ways it serves me. Thank you for strong legs to walk, thank you for eyes to read supportive words and see beauty, thank you for hands to touch and arms to hold someone I love...gratitude is a very powerful healing force. And it's always available to us.


Sending you lots of love, saywhatttt.



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