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H Buddies, unite!

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TO EVERYONE POSTING HERE ... Can we try to keep this thread only for people reaching out for (h) buddies support specifically instead of having conversations? If something comes up on this thread and you want to post about it, please start a new post instead of adding to this one. It's more likely to be seen and it won't water down this post. AND I'm LOVIN' all this community support and love. Let's just keep it organized for the masses. :) Thanks all!

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HI ,

i am Judith from Germany( but live in Spain /Barcelona) and i like to find a HBuddy for support.I have HSV1 and HPV,i dont mind if is a female or girl but would be great if you have longer experience with Herpes.I like to speak to somebody who had all this difficult experience already (first date, sex ,comming out with that etc...)to support me in my future live:).Anyway would be great to talk to somebody who deal with the same thing ...dont know anybody who have it and all suuport is so much welcome.which you all great day.besos rom barca.Judith


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HI Judith, welcome :-) Glad you found us! You will find a lot of support on here and if you read through all the messages you will learn so much. A couple of us girls have both HSV and HPV...I have had HPV for 28 years, just had it come back when I got HSV2 a year ago. I am dealing with it pretty well, have mostly great days with a few sad ones that don't last long. If you want to talk about anything just private message me anytime :-) You have a great day too!

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HI lelani,

yeah i will try to send you private message soon, if i found out how it work(iam bad in computer stuff :):))well i have crohn disease too so for me its more difficult because my immunsystem is always down.But i try to think possitiv what else I can do:):)speak to you soon .adios

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Hey my name is Adrian. Im 24 and found out a month and a half ago that I have HSV 1. I would love to talk to someone in the Denver area or just anyone in general! male or female, someone who can just help me with their experience or just some 'i know what your going through' type of talks.

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Hey my name is Nicole, I'm 21 and a week ago I was diagnosed with HSV2. It is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me and I don't know what to do right now. I don't know if I can trust my boyfriend, I don't know how to tell when an outbreak occurs, and I guess I just really need an (h) buddy. I don't care if you are male or female, I just need someone to guide me :( Thank you!

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This is a wonderful idea :) I just found this today and Im so glad I did!


Im 21 year old female, Ive had herpes for a lil over 2 years. I would prefer a male buddy to talk to about it but Im not particular, its just more rare for me to meet a male who has it. Im up over in eastern oregon :) Im a very good listener and a fairly good talker. Anyone feel free!



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Hi there,

I'm a 35 year old single mother of two boys and very newly diagnosed with genital herpes and my doctor, while he is genuinely trying, just doesn't seem to know much about it. I am looking for someone to answer a few questions about my symptoms - kind of at a loss as to where to turn to.


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Hi everyone. I was diagnosed a little over a week ago with HSV2. I am a 21 year old female looking for an h buddy in any area of the country. An h buddy in the Tri-State area would be a great plus though. I am looking for someone to confide in and to give as well as receive moral support. I am looking for a buddy whom I can trust and feel comfortable with. I am open minded and a great listener. I have no gender preference; male or female.

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Harlow! I am a 21 year old female and har genital HSV 1. I would love a buddy too, I am currently finishing school in Arizona but will be returning to michigan this summer once I graduate. Doesn't matter to me we could talk through here - I have had this or a year and a half and constantly go up ad down with my emotions I recently disclosed to someone not a relationship but am now struggling with the emotional rejection I now face. Would love to chat.

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I think a H-Buddy would be great .. Some of my friends know about me having the "h", but they'll never understand the every day struggle I go through trying to deal with it . It's been almost a year since diagnosis and I still can't get a positive grasp on it, had another break down last night regarding it .. It would be wonderful to talk to someone who knows what I'm going through ..


I live in the Rocky Mountain Region .

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Hey CAS, I'm sorry to hear you're still struggling. Are you planning on coming to the H Opportunity interactive workshop in January? We'll be going through all of this to come out the other side so it's no longer a struggle. Come in a struggle, leave in an inspiration. I'd love to see you there. http://thehopp.com

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Just joined this community i really admire the support&advice....

I'm still learning to accept hsv&its bn really hard i feel alone&i have no one that can relate to me or understand what im going through

SO looking for an H buddy :)



not picky on any other preferences.

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Hey guys :) I just joined and I recently finally let go of my anger and finally stopped blaming the whole world on my issues in life, and just letting to of that blame to myself and others has let up such a huge burden that was weighing on my shoulders. "You have to stop blaming the whole world on your mistakes and your problems, only then will u see the truth." And with that being said, I would LOVE and "h" buddy :) so we can help one another out on staying positive and learning that its not a disease, it's just a new-chapter that life took us to, and probably for a good reason.


I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I sincerely can't wait to hear other people's voices, cuz I'm clearly tired of my own :)

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