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H Buddies, unite!

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I too want to see if anyone is near my little section of the world. Would love either gender. I'm 24 and live in Los Angeles County.


Even if you are not in my area and want to talk I would be thrilled. I'm new to this and wanting to interact with others with this condition in any way. It is so scary when you get in the mindset that you are alone...

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Hi everyone :) it is so good to know I'm not alone in the daily struggle. Im 27 &. I was diagnosed a little over a month ago with hsv2. What I thought was my first yeast infection turned into something far more scary. I felt so ashamed walking into my gyns office and telling her the news. She confirmed my fears, took a swab and left me crying, presciption in hand :( I cried every time I was alone for that next week. Even tho I took my meds I still mentally denied this was possible and hoped for a negative result. Welp a week later ( the day before thanksgiving) I got the call. Hmph. I had already cried, slept and mentally ripped myself a new one so I just felt numb at the news. This self loathing went on for a few weeks until I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself. I have many things to be thankful for, right? Right! So now 5 weeks later I'm experiancing ob #2 and I assure you... NOTHING like the first. I hardly even notice! My issue now is the stigma. I haven't told anyone besides the person I was sleeping with on that horrid day. I'd love to get some support on the bad days and share what I've learned in the short time with anyone interested! Together we can all have better days ahead :) lets all make 2014 amazinggg

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Im 24 years old and just today I got the results for hsv2. I had been preparing myself for a positive result from the moment I saw any symptoms, and once I got the confirmation i was informed enought about hsv2 to understand that this isnt a big monster like most people make it out to be. With that being said i still would like to have an (h) buddy to talk to. I feel like this is another hurdle that I have to go throught and i need someone who is going to fully understand me. I would like either male or female buddy and Im from Texas so anyone from the state would be good. I need someone who understands and will be supportive. Im happy to have found this site and to have information to help me feel normal and understand what i am facing. Thank you!

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I could always use more friends and people to talk with about this. I'm a good listener, a good friend, and while I've only had to deal with this for a short while, I've come to terms with it. I'm still coming to terms with it and probably will be for a while. I'm from Colorado, but am a long way from home right now as I travel the world. I'm not scared of the herpes; I am concerned about what it means for the rest of my life. I won't let it stop me from living my dreams, but it does make me feel lonely at times, and it has taken a piece of me away. It's a skin condition with a horrible reputation is my view, and I am going to beat it the hell into submission no matter how long it takes. I've got one great friend in this, and would love to have more shoulders to lean on, and stand strong for when needed.

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Would love someone to talk to in the New Orleans area...Im a 25 y/o female and currently in college majoring in nursing..someone in the healthcare career would be awesome but if not thats fine too! Male or female! Just looking for someone who I can hopefully talk and relate with :)

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* Need someone serious to talk about HSV-1: Genital and Oral.


** [What I find in a buddy] :

- Male or female

- Good knowledge / experience / handling herpes

- Someone who listens, cares to what I say..

- I need support...

- I'm from Malaysia. Buddies from any country will do.

- Any age will do..

- By the way..I have hsv-1 (oral n genital)

- I'm 23 years old

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I am a 30 yo female from the Phoenix area recently diagnosed the day after Christmas. I would prefer someone close to my age if possible, male or female and have no preference to location. I am also happy to lend my support to anyone as well. Thank you for posting this...I think this is a wonderful idea!

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I think this is a truly wonderful idea, so thank you everyone at (h)opportunity!

I have just found out I have Herpes about 4 days ago and would love and welcome the opportunity to talk to anyone with some experience about this. I am female and currently travelling through Australia and I have never felt more confused and alone as I do now. I would really appreciate talking to anyone who knows more about this! Thanks

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I would love to find more people to talk to in person or online. I live in Ohio and so far I haven't met anyone else who has it, or who will admit to having it. I've been lonely lately so an H buddy would be welcome. I've come to realize that I didn't accept it when I thought I did, mostly I just ignored it until I disclosed it. Dating has brought these feelings back and I need friends.

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One month in to my genital HSV1 diagnosis... Time to get a buddy, I think. I'd love someone to talk to anywhere. I'm in LA, meeting for coffee or talking over the internets, doesn't matter which. New diagnosis or old, I'm interested in everything :) Looking forward to meeting others.

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Ugh.... Hi, I'm Erin.

This is my first post, and I am new to all of this. I could really use a (h)Buddy. I just recently got diagnosed over Thanksgiving break this year (2013). I thought I was handling it well... but I thought wrong. I am constantly battling the emotions of being diagnosed.

I would love to have a couple buddies, one male and one female, within the Katy area, even Houston. I would like to have good support and perspective from another female as well as a male, especially for in the future of dating and having a family. I need to know I am not alone and all will get better. I am just really in need of support right now.


If you can help me, I would sincerely appreciate it.

Thanks :)

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I woke up the other morning and felt compelled to find a community such as this where others knew how I felt.

I'm a 29 year old female and have known about my HSV-1 and 2 since 2009. Ironically it was a fear of mine before I was actually sexually active and I nor my friends really knew anything about it. Yeah irony really isn't even cool in literature

Anyway, I'd love a buddy. That is a big fear in life for most- feeling alone. I'm down in ole Mississippi just trying to figure life out.

Forever hopeful.

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Hello Everyone!

I was recently diagnosed with HSV-2 (this Friday). I never knew I had the virus, I just went in to get a full check up and results came back positive. I can say it has been an awful weekend and I am still battling with all these feelings and emotions. I feel devastated and lost. I would love to meet and start a friendship with some of you. I am in much need of advice and support. I am a female of 27 years old and I have no preference in gender for a (H)Buddy. Thank you in advance for your help and l look forward to meeting you.


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Hello Everyone,


I am looking for an (h)buddy! I am 38 years old, divorced, mother of two girls and from Minnesota. I have had Herpes for 20 years but after suffering years of shame and abuse at the hands of my ex-husband about the disease (among other things), I am back in the dating scene and trying to find a way to not let this disease define who I am and also learn ways to be more accepting of myself. It would really help to find someone that has lots of good dating experience in my age bracket and hopefully someone that has learned to accept this disease for what it is..an inconvenience but not the end of my life as I know it!!


Thank you.



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Hi all,


I'm a 25-year-old woman, and yesterday (Jan 22) my test results returned positive for HSV-1 (which I expected) and HSV-2 antibodies. I live on the east coast of the USA and I'd love to get to know some other great people who are overcoming this virus one day at a time.


I'm realizing as I read and listen and watch, this virus isn't going to kill me. Things could be a LOT worse.


I love to communicate with people. I love to become a better me. At first it was horrible to hear the test came back positive... but now? Now I'm beginning to realize this is just another roll-with-the-punches moment. I'd love to be a buddy to anyone... send me a PM. I chat with my friends mostly through Skype, but e-mail or PM here would be cool too.


Hi. I tested positive for the herpes antibodies... But the virus doesn't define who I am.


I Am Stronger.

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