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H Buddies, unite!

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Diagnosed in June. Being down, up, down up, and I'm determined to stay up. Im 38 ( a young 38 though :-) ) single and from the UK. Would love to talk to people of a similar age, male and female ( to get different perspectives) both new to H and veterans. My life is evolving in a new direction and I would like to drag a few new mates along with me :-)

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Hi everyone, I'm Alli I'm 23, live on the Jersey shore, and I was just diagnosed with HSV-1 genitally 3 days ago. I have also been living with HPV. Its been such a roller coaster of emotions, I would love to have a buddy in my area to talk to about everything. I'm just so scared about how life will be from now on, but seeing all the strong people on this site gives me hope :) I have no preference to gender. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi, I am a 30 year old female in the Louisville, KY area that was diagnosed with herpes last week. I am married with a step daughter and would love to find someone out there in the same situation as me. Please message me if interested. Could definitely use some support right now.

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hi everyone.. 25 year old female from CT. very very new to all of this. looking for someone (doesn't matter age/gender) who has a little more experience with the virus to talk help me through some of this. I can also do my best to lend support. thanks xo

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I think I need a H buddy .I got diagnosed with HPV and H at the same time, Since I found out I had it, its been a dark time for me, dealing with how to get back to "normal" life. Think I would like a females perspective on the subject though. I'm in the St. Louis area and would love to speak to someone local.

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Hi, I'm looking for a buddy. I 24 soon to be 25 in a few days, ugh what a buzzkill n from Tx. I was recently diagnosed..... Looking to for anyone female/male who knows all about this, what to do when it comes to dating n when it's the right time to let someone know, getting thru the hard day( having a lot of those lately) to give and receive support... my biggest fear from all of this is rejection, ending up alone, n will it be okay if I decide to start a family. right now I feel lost dont know which way to turn..... I'm definitely excited to have found this group. it's just what I needed. so anyone interested in talking to me, inbox me! any help, words of advice anything will be greatly appreciated. hoping to make many friends!

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Hello :)

I would love some H buddies! It is so exhausting to hide this from day to day and not have anyone to talk/vent to about it. Got it from my ex, who left shortly after, and have been struggling with it ever since. I feel like I'm living two lives, and I'm very unhappy with both to be honest. Please feel free to contact me, I'd be happy to speak any of you...

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Hello Everybody!


I am a 24 year old female from Hammond Indiana.


I think this is an excellent idea, as it is always nice to have someone to talk to about things in your life that are hard to discuss.


I got Herpes about a year and half ago. I have gone through all the phases of what it is like to have this. I was young and dumb, without a care in the world, with the "That will never happen to me" mentality. Next thing I know, boom, herpes. Lets face it. I thought/still think my dating life is over.


As going through a break up and having recently had to tell someone else of my herpes and being rejected, I know all too well of the hurt and emotions that one can feel. I went from being with someone who accepted me and wanted me for me, to being rejected by people I really liked. It has taught me a lot about life. It has taught me how to be more compassionate and less to judge. "Look at a person as if you are blind, only then can you judge their true personality."


I would like to offer my support to and need support from any male or female who lives in the United States. (It would be easier talking wise). I am willing to text, talk on the phone, on Skype, in person....whatever works. :)


I am a great listenener and friend. If you pick me as your HBuddy you will gain someone who is truly a loving person with a great heart! :)

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Hi, new to the site and would love to find a few friends to share conversation and support. I am not new to HSV it has been a part of my life for a long time. However, due to changes in my life I now have to learn to become more confident and open about it which is very new to me. Hope everyone is having an awesome day!

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I'm 25, new to the site, recently diagnosed (3 days ago), and currently going through my first (extremely painful) outbreak. I'm hoping to find some buddies: gender and location don't really matter, but it would be cool to find some people from the Rio Grande Valley area :)

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Hi everyone!


I've had HSV2 for a little over four years now and I swear it has brought up/exacerbated every self-confidence issue I have! I got it from a not-so-great guy I was dating in college...really the last loser guy in the line of several. It almost destroyed me and further convinced me that this was just another way for the universe to tell me I'm just not enough. However, contracting herpes turned out to be a blessing in disguise! I began requiring/expecting to be treated better and respected (kind of faking higher self esteem...fake it till you make it!) And ended up dating some very kind and accepting men while gaining more empathy for others in the process.


However, last year I had my heart broken by the man I thought I would marry (he chose to tell me I wasn't what he wanted the week after my grandmother, who was more like my mother, passed away). Since then dating has been so difficult...I feel like even getting to know someone and going on dates without telling them about my "drawback" is just perpetuating a huge lie. I'm seeing someone new now, very new, and terrified of telling him. I constantly anguish over whether he will be unkind, or judgemental. I'm a mess and so scared about putting myself out there again that I barely have a sex drive! I'm pretty and educated but feel that is all negated by this ONE THING. I would love to talk with someone about this...I'm in New Mexico but travel to CA and Asia frequently for work. Pen pals anyone?

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Hey guys!! Im hoping people are still active here havent found many sites of people with herpes and im tired of battling myself and feeling alone in this. Im 19 female and have had hsv2 for one year Id love to personally meet people with similarities and im looking for support as well as some personal buddies to frequently talk to. I dont have many close friends but im starting to see the light and want to reach out to someone..my names cara and im in Nebraska. Male or female is fine id just love to know im REEEEALLY not alone...please message me (:

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I would love an H buddy! Someone to talk to when I'm confused about this or having a moment. I'm female / 30yrs old / Atlanta, Ga. Gender doesn't matter but would like someone close to my age who has been dealing with this longer than I have (about 4 months for me). I'm open to meeting up for a meal, texting or phone calls. I look forward to hearing from someone & I hope I can be a supportive new friend!

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Hi, I only got diagnosed with HSV 2 about two days ago. I am still trying to process this and have done a lot of crying and freaking out. I would love to chat with someone who has been through this and can help me figure out where to go from here. I have a million questions and I just need a friend with experience. I am feeling many different emotions right now, mostly anger and disbelief. This was not the xmas gift I was expecting :(

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