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H Buddies, unite!

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Hey Trinity! Welcome! Thank you for the acknowledgement! And it's my pleasure. :)

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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Hi All!


I'm a 29 year old from Chicago. I was diagnosed 5 months ago and really trying to connect to others in the same situation. I would love to talk to whomever wants to! I really would like to pull myself out of this funk I'm in, I know I can find the good again, hopefully talking to others can bring that out again!

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Hey guys and gals! 25 girly here living in eastern Pennsylvania and willing to share support to any and all of you! I've been living with the big bad H for a year now and it's not that big and bad after all...get on my level! And if you need help getting here let me throw you a ladder...the views much nicer from up top :)

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Looking for a buddy :) Located in NE Wisconsin & only know of 1 other person in my situation. Just diagnosed & am thoroughly confused about symptoms & how to manage. Also on a big fat emotional roller coaster. Just turned 42 & am a single mom, so I don't have the time or luxury of falling apart. Any gender ok, just need a sounding board/guide through the maze. :) Thanks!

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Hi all! I'm a female 19-year old college student from VA. I would love someone to talk to about this, especially someone who is having a hard time believing they are ever going to find someone to be happy with, since that's what I'm struggling with the most. My physical symptoms are minimal/unoticable so I don't really need any help with that, just more worried about my emotions and my dating life. Female or male, doesn't really matter. I'd like someone in their 20's or 30's.

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Hello my name is Valerie and I just got diagnosed yesterday.

I would love to get support and advice from a buddy.

Im so devastated and shocked by this. I know it isnt the end of the world...its just im having trouble accepting this.

I am 20 years old.

I would prefer talking to a female about this.

Whoever feels can help me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Hello everyone! This is a fantastic idea. I have had HSV 2 a little over a year now. I have accepted it for what it is. I have days in which I feel unstoppable and days in which I get lost in self pity. I am here for the encouragement, that I am sure we can all offer each other.


I am 24 and live near PHX, Arizona.


I would love to talk to someone, no preference. I am open to making friends with people that understand, in hopes of both benefiting greatly from it.



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Hi there,

I was just diagnosed with HSV 2. I have HSV 1 and HPV. I just have a whole family of viruses. Although I'm alone, I'm never alone. eh heh I'm a 29 year old female who is hoping to speak with a male or female out there. Either new to the game or a pro. I'm in Austin TX. If you are local, maybe we could meet for coffee and chat. It would be nice to speak with someone face to face who is sharing the same challenges.


Lots of hugs! - HBetty

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I live in the Raleigh area, female 23 years old. I was diagnosed about 2 years ago and am just now back in the dating game. Looking for some support, someone just to chat with. Doesn't matter where you live or your gender or age! At this point I think I would just like someone I could email and/or text. Preferably someone who has some experience disclosing. Thanks!

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Hey, thank you so much for this opportunity, I got herpes about a year ago and the only two people I have told was my mum and my best friend (only told her cause I got drunk one night and started crying). I am 20 year old female, live in UK, London. I heard population of herpes here is extremely high but I never got to know anyone with it, no one really goes around screaming IVE GOT HERPES. I believe talking to someone who is going through same thing would help me a lot. I don't feel as bad as I did when I just got it (partly because of this site and all the people sharing their stories, its good to know you are not alone) but I get times when I feel sad, alone and depressed, I feel like no one will ever want me.


I would love to speak to anyone, male or female, age doesn't matter either for I would like to speak to someone my age AND someone who had it for few years AND anyone who is going through same thing in general.


I am looking for support for I don't have much experience in telling someone about it and I only had one outbreak. but I am optimistic, energetic, life-loving person and I believe I could make others feel better as well.


I'm not necessarily looking from someone from UK, e-mails could do, although I would love to see someone in person and have a proper talk about it.


THANK YOU again, much much much appreciated what you are doing!


If anyone's interested write a private message to me, I only just joined this site and I don't know how it works completely.

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Hey everyone, I'm Ashley, 20 years old.

I live in the south bay, Los Angeles area. Just find out I have herpes. And could really use some friends male and female to help me really understand what I'm going through. And to give me some advice and perspectives on everything. I'm usually a really comedic person and love to laugh, so if you hit me with a joke. I'll love you forever. I'm really easy going with everyone, so I'm open to all discussion. :)

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I had buddies..but they stopped responding. :( I accepted it when I was with my boyfriend of 2 plus years..but I'm scared that once I heal from the heartbreak of this..I'll hurt all over again because I'll have to start all over again with someone new when I'm ready. Female or male. Any age. Be my buddy!! :)

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Hi everyone! I'm new to this community and was wondering if there is anyone on here who is living in Sweden... Would be nice to meet up with someone who really understands where I am coming from. I was diagnosed when I was 19 (now 36) so I've come to terms with all this mostly. I recently split with my long term partner of over 11 years... so looking for a friend to chat with about this.


Hope someone is out there... :)


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Hi. I'm in Chicago. Just diagnosed this week and really heading down the spiral of shame. I'm feeling like I should prepare for a life alone. I'm late 30s and a new grad- doctor (go figure- but this is not my area of specialty) and I feel very isolated as I can't talk to any of my friends about this. I would greatly benefit from a little support but I'm used to being in the caregiver role - so this is new to me. I know what I would say to patients but this isn't translate when I try to tell positive things to myself. I literally feel like my options have been even further diminished now to the point where I'd just be better off solo and asexual. So I'm mourning the loss of my sexuality and all those hopes and dreams that I would rally here in the 9th inning amd actually have a partner and family and full life at this late age.

My mother is end of life and I have no siblings or other close family except a cousin--- I just keep picturing the patients who have no family after a stroke etc and picture myself.


Without being greedy :-) . I would prefer both a male and female buddy to get both perspectives. Location doesn't matter but I would prefer someone who is a professional within my age range.


You have a great website here and I can see where this type of support can really make a difference in how we view ourselves and this condition. I need that help right about now because I feel my options are so bleak.



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looking for a married couple who are both HSV2 positive or a couple who are in a long term committed relationship.. I feel like I'm the oldest one here being 41 and my husband who is 42.

I just had my first out break a week ago and so I am a newbie here. I think my husband had it at least 6months prior but none of the devastating effects like we women get. we were both ignorant of what we had. talking to someone who is married and is going through the same thing as I am will be much easier with topics such as:

married with herpes and how it effects spouses

safe sex being married?

meeting each others needs intimately.


thank you for your time for reading this. looking forward to learning new things thanks


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Hey everyone!


31 year old man living in DC. I was diagnosed a week back (Nov-2013). So, I am new to this, but I am determined to use this experience in a positive way. Would love to chat over email/phone or in person with anyone who's interested in sharing notes and taking the mickey out of herpes. Onward and upwards!

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Hi I'm 28 years old female live in the st louis area and I just found out this week that I have herpes need someone to talk I'm married with 2 kids the only ones that know is my mom and husband he been tested and dont have it I'm a emotional wreck some days I'm fine but most of the time I'ma wreck

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