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H Buddies, unite!

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Hey guys, 

I’m so happy to have found this forum...the UK isn’t great for herpes support groups...

I’m female, 30 based in London, recently diagnosed and having a very, very hard time....Would love a buddy! 

Ideally if there is anyone a similar age to me in the UK that would be ideal. However, please reach out otherwise...

Thanks xx

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I found out this weekend I was HSV2 positive and have been experiencing the worst outbreak. I am in so much physical and emotional pain, it's hard to even get out of bed. I really need someone to talk to as I feel incredibly lonely (I know the facts and that I'm not alone, but I can't help but feel isolated). I would love a buddy, preferably female (but I'm open to anyone that is willing to chat). I live in California and I'm 26. I just need someone to talk to that has experienced what I am experiencing. I'm a fun, open person that is super supportive as well, it's in my nature to care for other people. I just need a little extra support right now. Thanks for reading and for providing a safe forum. 

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I would like a buddy! I am 24 years old. I’ve had hvs2 did 2 years or so. I would like a female to be my buddy, perhaps around my age (but doesn’t have to be).  I’m still having trouble figuring out my triggers. What’s a herpes trigger and what’s just normal pain or tingling (like from sitting for long periods of time, normal itching in the down town area, normal pain from tightly crossed legs for prolong time, ect). I’d like someone who could maybe educate me a little more who has had similar issues with knowing what’s herpes and what not and found out the difference. I am finally ready to put the effort into finding everything out and see the light at the end of this tunnel! Need some encouragement! 


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New to the forum. Newly apart of this group..

Im black, female, almost 30, athletic                           Im in GA, but don't care if you're near or far.

I need support                                                                 Don't care if you're a man or woman

I'm open to receiving support from varying groups of people. However, if you find yourself describing yourself the same way I do, then please feel extra free to contact me! 😎

Lastly, I don't feel emotionally strong or secure enough to GIVE support right now, but things change! If you feel we're in the same boat emotionally. 

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Hello! I'm brand new here. Diagnosed visually with H about 12 weeks ago. Tested negative, so waiting til 16 weeks to confirm with blood work. Boyfriend of six years got tested and he was HSV1 positive. It was such a shock. He never had symptoms. So I'd love to find someone to talk to about it all as my mind is still reeling. I'm still very much in the confused and paranoid stage even after doing tons of research. Male or female. I live outside of Pittsburgh, Pa and wouldn't mind having someone close enough to meet for coffee, but long distance friends are also welcome! 

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Hi I'm a man, 34 from Colorado.  I was diagnosed earlier this year.  I'm asymptomatic so I don't experience outbreaks.  It was luck and responsibility that insured that I didn't spread it before finding out that I had it.  I feel like I'm dealing with it well but it would be nice to have someone to talk to that's been there.  

Looking for a buddy of either gender, but a nice lady would be nice.  Preferably close to me.  

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Hey. I’d really love if I could find a male buddy! I live in Alabama and I just have questions and I need a male perspective. I’ve been really struggling lately so if you could help me out that would be great! I’m 21 and a female. If you have any questions no let me know. I just joined so I’m still figuring out the website. 

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Hello! I'm a 28 ... almost 29 year old female recently diagnosed with HSV2 and living in the Maryland/DC area. I'm just looking for someone to talk to who just understands the emotional pain I'm going through. Male or female, I don't care! I'm feeling alone, sad, and a bit in shock ... is this really my new reality? I'm single and wonder will I ever find someone who accepts and loves me for me, or will I be alone for the rest of my life? I started seeing a therapist as soon as I was diagnosed ... 2 sessions so far and I'm praying it'll help me accept the diagnosis and move on with life. 

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Hello everyone, I was just diagnosed today with hsv2... I think I've had it for 3 years because that was the first time I noticed the "cut", the one cut I ever experience as an outbreak.  I feel fortunate my Symptoms have always been so mild... I finally had insurance and decided to find out why this continued to show up in the same place.  I even went through a pregnancy where I was tested for every damn thing but this.  I feel the medical industry and our sex education failed us.  I do not blame myself... I am super grateful I developed such a healthy self esteem these past years because I imagine id be a big mess if I found out another time. Having had it 3 years,  the official diagnosis is being taken well because I know what I'm dealing with.  I already felt id need a special person you see me for me and that has not changed. I think I'm worth a hell of alot 🙂 and I'll be someone's princess one day. I don't know how it will happen,  I'm not ready to think about or imagine it.. but for now,  id really like a male h buddy.. some one I would consider dating,  you know,  to feel the companionship I already missed before I had this diagnosis. I'm 28, a single mom of a 3year old,  in marketing and very ambitious.  I'm quite spiritual and arrays wondered if it was important to also have that in a partner and i think yes,  it probably is. Life is much bigger than this diagnosis.  I live in Las Vegas where I see cars on fire driving to work.. and home from work. there are so much worse circumstances to be in.  I am so impressed by the h community.. seriously,  hats off to you for being a part of it because if you're not already amazing,  you're probably well on your way.  I've not seen a more funny,  responsible,  caring and HEALTHIER group of people.  I already told my 2 best friends and 1 said 'I think this will be a blessing for you'. Who knows? But I will be spreading positivity and uplifting messages here. Do not blame yourself. Everything about this virus and the culture we live in makes this not your fault, but we have a unique responsibility now and lots of new friends. I hope to hear from you

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On 9/26/2012 at 9:30 PM, elle said:

i would love to have a buddy, i'm in NC... the gender doesn't matter, im a female... i have hsv2. i'm 30 years old

hi, i have just joined and i am 50 years old male....and i have just contracted herpes but still waiting for my blood test to see what type i had, it has been ups and downs in my moods and i wish just to have a female buddy to talk to.  

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Hello. 21 year old female from Michigan. Diagnosed with HSV1 3 months ago, that I contracted through oral sex from a cold sore on my boyfriends mouth. Having a hard time because me and the person who gave it to me are broken up now. Not sure how to get back out there and start seeing people now that I’ve been pinned with this scarlet letter. I am looking to talk with someone my age maybe up to age 26/27? Male or female doesn’t matter where you’re located. Just feeling super down☹️

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My partner and I have recently began a relationship with one another. After just 2 weeks together, he began seeing what looked like pimple type bumps. He already had an appointment with a Dermatologist for skin cancer follow up. He showed the Dr the bumps on his penis. She said it was too early to tell if it was simply an ingrown hair or possibly herpes. Dr gave him an antibiotic ointment and said if it doesn't get better in 3 weeks to come back. We looked up information on what HSV2 looks like and it is not clustered. It got better, then yesterday it began to show more bumps and like it was getting worse. He Will call back tomorrow. So many questions before we both get a chance to get tested. How long does a 1st time outbreak last? How long does it take for results to come back. How long does it take for antiviral meds to be effective? He is now feeling itchy but, also as though it is very sensitive. 

Are the pictures of herpes symbolic of all HSV2 rashes? In other words, the hard bumps that are on there have opened up a little, (only one bump) but, not in clusters. 

Trying to educate ourselves as much as possible while we wait to be tested. I'm sickened and mortified by the possibility. Not exactly sure how to navigate this site either. Any tips on using the site would be helpful. We are abstaining in the mean time and need a solution for the itching. 



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So, I just found out I have herpes (HSV-2) yesterday.

I'd love to have a buddy who I could talk to and ask questions, so preferably someone who has had it for a while. I keep being told that it doesn't change who I am, but I've always been super comfortable with my sexuality, so I'm having a hard time understanding how it won't affect who I am because I consider that a part of me.

I'm female, but don't necessarily have a preference for a buddy. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Also, any advice on how to break the news to my current partner? Since it seems like we can't really know how we got it, I don't want to accuse, but also, he's the first partner I've had in a year (I took a break from sex after a really bad break up), so it seems...certainly possible. 

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I live in Bartwo Fl I am 53 and I have had this now for 16 Years and looking for a man in or around my area who just understands what I am going through and maybe we can chat and go from their not looking for any hookups just really tired of being alone with this and no one to know what I am going through. Please fell free to send me a privet message and we can go from their. 

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